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Audio of Ranger's 10.85 pass, then current record for a stock Corvette on drag radial. Listen here.

Max acceleration from your car?
To beat the manufacturer's spec?
To trounce the times published by the car magazines?
To run faster times at the drag strip?
To win stop-light battles?

If that's you...
a good place to start is
improving your skill as a driver.
And you've come to the right site for some help in doing that.

Ranger is what I'm called on the web, and I'm here to help you achieve your acceleration goals by guiding you through doing the driver mod.

I’m an amateur driver who's invested eight years and 700+ drag strip passes focused on demystifying the techniques for max acceleration by severely traction-limited cars with manual-transmissions.

And along the way I've
set web records in three different cars.

My work began from the premise that fully harnessing the potential of powerful cars demands improving the driver component, the driver mod. Difficult cars to drive well include such models as:
• Corvette
• Viper
• Camaro
• Firebird
• Mustang
• Infiniti G-Series

My research and development platform has been a succession of Corvette Z06s, all daily-drivers. My chosen platform has much in common with the other very fast cars; they are hard to launch and shift well without overwhelming traction.

Following the principle of modding-the-driver-not-the-car, I run stock everything. Just sometimes swap the stock rear tires for drag radials. And on my first two Z06s I sometimes ran with a cold-air intake on the engine.

Through it all, I've focused on developing and refining techniques that owners can use to beat the car magazines and the manufacturer’s acceleration spec for the car, without spending money to modify the engine or incurring the warranty risk.

I’ve developed and documented the techniques for getting the most power transferred to the pavement and keeping it there through the shifts. And I've done this without committing driver errors that break transmissions and drive line parts.

It's also important to understand that:
• The techniques for max acceleration can be learned.
• They're highly repeatable with practice.
• They work whether the driver is 16 or 76.

So if you have the inclination, go ahead and make a few or many passes at the drag strip. But first, study the techniques involved and then practice, practice, practice to embed the methods in your routines and muscle memory.

I'm here to help you do it, and do it well.

Read on.