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The 10.85 Audio

You can learn a lot about your driving by studying audio recordings of your best passes.

This audio of my 10.85 129.50 pass was recorded using a microphone duct-taped above the exhaust and connected to a digital recorder inside the cargo compartment.

During this run, currently the all-time record for a stock Corvette on drag radials, the car accelerated from 0-130 mph (the terminal speed at the 1320 feet) in a little under 11.0 seconds. The audio presents the LS7 engine at full song.

Play the Audio

The audio reveals

• A good launch for a stock C6Z on drag radials. 60-foot was 1.67. The launch rpm of 3650 bogged to 3000 and then the rpm climbed fast without new wheel spin during a very fast throttle squeeze. LS7 clutch limitations make a bog inevitable. The 330-foot time was a very fast 4.62.

• Very good shift speeds of about 200 milliseconds each for the 1-2, 2-3 and 3-4. These shift included throttle lift.

• Shift points were near the limiter except the 2-3, which occurred at a premature 6700, the only driving shortcoming in an otherwise "perfect pass," signaling a path for further improvement.

• Throttle was kept wide-open until past the 1320-foot trap.

Repeatedly playing this audio helps me internalize the sounds I want the car to make when my driving is in peak form. The sharper and fresher that internalization is, the more likely I’ll be prepared to repeat these elements in ideal combination.