Ranger's DVD is coming. It's in post-production and scheduled for release via this site in 2010.

Massimiliano's music will be featured on the DVD.

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Audio of Ranger's 10.85 pass, then current record for a stock Corvette on drag radial. Listen here.


My forthcoming DVD on max acceleration techniques is intended to help owners get the most straight-line performance from their traction-limited stick-shift cars both on the street and the drag strip The DVD distills into a digestible form the driving lessons I've accumulated making 700+ passes at the drag strip and setting quarter-mile records in three daily-driven Corvettes.

The DVD should provide owners of many different fast cars a practical, efficient way to quickly learn the techniques for max acceleration. Key ingredients to that process are video, audio, and narrative instruction on all the discrete driving elements. The sights and sounds, including in-car video during drag strip passes, fill in crucial dimensions missing from written postings on the web.

The DVD will give easy, convenient access to reliable, proven technique information to compress the learning curve and supplement seat-time. It will lay a solid foundation for practice, practice, and more practice, using time-tested approaches and methods. And it will be available for continuing review as an owner works through inevitable performance plateaus.

These are the 19 chapters that are included on the DVD.

1 Introduction
2 Key Concepts
3 Preparation
4 Traction
5 Staging
6 Launch
7 Shifting
8 Shift Points
9 Max Acceleration Demonstration
10 Learning to Improve
11 Errors and Breakage
12 Goals

13 Drag Strip Anatomy
14 Track Surface Preparation
15 Time Slip
16 Reaction Time
17 Weather Effects
18 Clutch Care
19 Basic Track Kit

Understanding the concepts and techniques covered in the DVD will help make you a faster driver and reduce your risk of driveline breakage.

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